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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MS Exchange Health Notes - Infographic

So professionals today we are here with an infographic that is especially developed for Microsoft Exchange users. In the infographic we have shared four easy to follow steps those will help Exchange administrators to keep Exchange server in a healthy state.  

In every organization, Exchange has to work a lot and regular work without maintenance can lead several awkward situations for Exchange users.  Gradual performance of Microsoft Exchange clearly shows that “Exchange Server is in trouble and user should perform Exchange health checks in order to use MS Exchange in an efficient manner”.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

BKF recovery using VSS backup mechanism

The MS Exchange Server is a crucial application of an organization. It manages large number of file transfers on daily basis. Some of the files are highly important and hence it is expected that admin of Exchange will preserve it properly. But it is not the sole responsibility of admin to backup the important files as he may not be aware of all the important files. Hence user also maintain backup of files at their end in-order to tackle emergency situations. It is normal tendency of the user to ignore the importance of backup process in normal situations. But the soft data is highly sensitive and there are many reasons that can lead to the corruption or loss of data. Hence it is wise to maintain backup of important files at regular interval of time.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Overview Granular Procedure to take Exchange Backup

Here in this blog we will discuss about Exchange Server backup using Granual method. The failure of Exchange Server, which is the most vital part of the network, can cause a severe loss of an organization. In such troublesome or risky situation the backup files act as a life saviour. One must able to restore the vital information using these backup files easily. There are number of ways by which one can create backup files. But in this article we will focus upon Granual method of backup. This method was plugged in for outlook version 2003 and 2007 and this mechanism is very efficient in individual recovery.

List Of Exchange MVPs And Their Helpful Blogs

Checkout this list of Microsoft Exchange MVPs and their blogs to understand Microsoft Exchange Server and other Microsoft products in a better way.

Microsoft Exchange Server is extremely accepted software between IT professionals. Exchange Server is a mail server developed by Microsoft that works in collaboration of MS Outlook and facilitates secure emailing environment to its users. So far Microsoft has launched number of versions of MS Exchange and the latest version is Exchange 2013 which is available in market from Nov 2013.
Nevertheless Exchange Server comes with numerous brilliant features; but to use this software successfully is not that much easy for non techie users. So if anyone wants to learn more about Exchange server and its working procedure then he can check various blogs written by MS Exchange professionals.

Friday, February 7, 2014

5 Frequent Errors encountered by Exchange users.

Exchange Server is one of the most recommended Server application developed by Microsoft. However there are many other Sever applications available but the supremacy of Exchange is un-challengeable. User finds Exchange extremely easy to maneuver but like other Server applications it too suffers from large number of errors and harmful events. But most of these errors are simple and can be tackled even with novice knowledge. Here in this article I will cover some of the most common and frequent error messages faced by the Exchange user.