Monday, February 15, 2010

Exchange Database Corruption after Installing SP2

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 offers new features, more reliability and easier administration over its earlier counterparts. SP2 is a cumulative update that improves the Exchange messaging environment by including improvements in mobile messaging, mailbox and protection against spam. Before you upgrade your servers to Exchange Server SP2, it is recommended that you make complete backup of system state, file system and most importantly, Exchange databases. This assures of data availability in case the installation goes wrong in any way. But cases occur when your Exchange databases get corrupt when no clean backup is present. In such situations, you should use a powerful Exchange Server Repair product that can use safe scanning algorithms to repair a corrupted Exchange database.  

For instance, you can consider a scenario describes below:

1. You run Exchange Server 2003 SP1 or an earlier version
2. You decide to upgrade to Exchange Server 2003 SP2. During the installation of SP2, the setup failed to stop ExIFS (Exchange Installable File System) service but continues with no notice
3. After this, when you try to mount Information Store, it fails and events 470, 9519, 9518 and 104 are logged in the application log.


The above symtoms suggest that Exchange database may have got corrupted due to installation of SP2. It can also occur if an antivirus software is scanning the Exchange databases. Solution Before making any database restoration attempts, you should make sure that Exchange databases are excluded from any antivirus scanning.

If databases appear as corrupted, you should consider these suggestions:

1.Try repairing the corrupted database by running eseutil /r command

2. If it fails, restore the database from the last backup you have

3. When no clean backup is available, you should use a Exchange Repair software.

Exchange Server Repair products are highly competent utilities with powerful scanning algorithms to repair a corrupted Exchange database. These software are infallible solutions to any issue of database inconsistencies. Equipped with graphically rich interface and options, such software provide guide you through easy to implement procedure of repairing the database.

Exchange Repair is an advanced and safe Exchange Repair utility that employs powerful scanning algorithms to repair a damaged Exchange Server database. It is compatible with Exchange Server 5.5, 2000 and 2003. It is a safe Exchange Server Repair utility with impressive set of features. The tool extracts user mailboxes in individual .pst file format files.

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