Friday, June 25, 2010

Fixing 'Unable to Mount the Mailbox Store with error c104173c …' error in Exchange Server

Information store is the most vital component of Microsoft Exchange. When the Exchange Server is hit by corruption issues, information store also gets affected. It is made up of four database files viz Priv1.edb, Priv1.stm, Pub1.edb and Pub1.stm. When corruption occurs either Prive1.edb or Pub1.edb falls prey to it. In event of corruption, an Exchange administrator can observe various symptoms including the MS Exchange Information Store service won't start, or clients cannot send or retrieve e-mails or abrupt error messages. In order to isolate the issues, the administrator must use the updated backup copy of the database. However, if no backup is available, he should immediately switch to MS Exchange Repair solutions.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you, being the administrator, try to mount the mailbox store in Exchange System Manager, and receive the following error message:

“Unable to Mount the Mailbox Store with error c104173c The Information Store is Busy”


The above error indicates the possible corruption in one or both edb files (Priv1.edb or Pub1.edb) of information store.


In order to troubleshoot the issue, you must perform the following Exchange Repair steps:

1. Run eseutil/mh command in order to determine if the database is consistent
2. If you get the following output 'Clean Shutdown' , move out all the log files from Exchsvrmbddata folder
3. But if you get 'Dirty Shutdown' as output, perform soft recovery by using eseutil/r
4. If database does not come to a consistent state, perform hard repair by using eseutil/p command.
5. If you use the above command, you may lose some Exchange Server data, including the messages that were contained in the log files that were not committed to the information store database. Therefore, it is a wise decision to use a third-party MS Exchange Repair application.

Such tools repair corrupt .edb files safely and employ improved scanning algorithms to recover inaccessible data in a hassle-free manner. Being-read only they do not modify the original content. Therefore, you can use them blindly and isolate the information store corruption issues efficiently.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a powerful and reliable application which repairs corrupt .edb files and restores the mailboxes as individual PSTs. Compatible with Exchange Server 5.5, 2000, 2003, and 2007, this Exchange repair software recovers all e-mail messages, notes, journals, tasks, contacts and other components.

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