Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to Export Emails From Novell Groupwise

Groupwise is not a new name in email-messaging category, but common users are not well aware with this client & server platform developed by Novell. For your information, Groupwise is a software platform which generally used in small to big organization, and works similarly as Microsoft Exchange Server does. 
With using Novell Groupwise, one can connect with Novell email server to access, send, receive and archive messages on the company/business network because mostly organization environments, emails stored on the local email server. You can also keep the backup of your emails as test files on your local disk as Novell Groupwise lets users to export and save their emails alike Exchange Server.

So today, we shall go through step-by-step guide to export Groupwise emails to local storage, and we’ll also cover how you can export your Groupwise mailbox into PST format so that you can use your existing mailbox data on Microsoft Exchange Server too.

Following are the easily steps to export emails from Groupwise. Just check it-

Step 1:
Simply open email client on your system. Just go to 'Start' and select 'All Programs'. Now search 'Novell' in the programs list and click on 'Groupwise'.

It will open your email client on your computer.

Step 2:
Open you inbox and select all those emails, and click on each which you want to export from Groupwise. You can select multiple emails by hold 'Ctrl' key. Now right click after selection of emails, and click 'Save As' to export these emails.

Now Groupwise will launch a configuration window.

Step 3: 

Select 'HTML Message' from the format choice and click on 'Save to Disk' option from drop-down menu below the format choice. 'HTML Message' selection lets you keep any HTML formatted emails with pictures.

Step 4:
Select 'Browser' afterward to the 'Groupwise Directory' label. However, by-default email saves in 'Groupwise' directory. But you can choose a desire location on your computer where you want to export your Groupwise emails.

Step 5: 

Now click 'Save' to finish the process. However, it may take more time to complete the export process depends on the size of your emails specially if there are lots of attachments in your emails. Once it is done, dialog box will atomically close.

However, if you want to export your complete mailbox data including emails, contacts, calendar, attachments and task list, it is recommended to export Groupwise mailbox into PST file. Because by doing above methods you can only export emails in html format which can’t be used as a backup. So, to overcome the limitations of described method, better to backup your Groupwise emails by exporting Groupwise mailbox into .PST, .MSG for .EML format. 

There is a third party tool 'Stellar GroupWise to Exchange Migrator' which not only exports your data into different file format as a backup, but also can migrate Groupwise server mailboxes to live Exchange Server. This utility supports different version of Novell Groupwise e.g. GW-2012, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0, and also supports widely using Exchange Server platform 2010 and 2007.

Try free demo, and see how easily you can export your Groupwise emails and important data on your local system, or how to use it for real time migration from Groupwise to Exchange Server.

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