Sunday, November 29, 2015

10 Reasons to Migrate Older Exchange Server to Office 365

The popularity of Office 365 is getting higher from day to day; not because of its functionality to anywhere access but its compatibility with other email server platform. Whether you’re using Exchange 2013/2010 or any other on-premises Exchange Server version, with few simple steps you can easily migrate all your Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 account.

So today I’m shading light on the key reasons why it is the right time to leave your on-premises Exchange Server in the past and move to Office 365 on the cloud. Let’s see bigger picture-

1. No More Server Maintenance 

Now you don’t need to worry about server maintenance cost and unnecessary headache.  With the evolution of Office 365, it has taken over the decade of Exchange administrator’s pain by completely eliminated local servers and the fear of data loss & security. With the presence in the cloud, Office 365 has become even flexible and secure than all Exchange Server versions. However, you can always integrate to on-premises solution if it is needed.

2. Anywhere Access from Any Device

The key advantage of having Office 365 account is that you can access your email account from anywhere in the world using any device like tablet, mobile, and laptops. 

3. Migration is Easy

Migration from Exchange Sever to Office 365 is even easier than migrating to Exchange Online. See here how easily you can migrate your older Exchange server mailboxes to Office 365-

4. Wide Range of Plans, Packages and Price

Microsoft Office 365 comes with some affordable and not to affordable plans, both J. So choose the plan wisely that best match your business needs. 

It comes with Office 365 Personal, Home, Business Essentials, Business Premium, and Enterprise E3 editions. 

You can compare its features and price accordingly in below snapshot-


5. Maximum Uptime

There is guaranteed 99.9 % uptime service agreement between clients and Microsoft.  However, as per Microsoft, users face downtime very rarely, but in case if any case comes into picture, Company provides 24*7 phone support to their Office 365 customers.

6. New Features & Update More Regularly

Microsoft has invested more than $15 billion in cloud infrastructure, development and very big operation team of engineers who provide support across the global. So you may expect number of new updates, best features, and offers in the future.

7. Easy Administration

Easy administration is the top reason why an organization should consider Office 365. Everything is well managed in easy-to-use web based Admin Console. A clean template based dashboard allows to manage everything as your company needs.

8. High Level Security

Office 365 uses the deep tactic to provide physical, logical, and data layers of security structures and operational best practices. Additionally, Office 365 provides enterprise-grade and user & admin controls to more secure your environment.

9. All App in One Place

This is one of the biggest advantages to having Office 365 account. You can access all Windows app at on place whatever you want. Some are free – Some are paid, just add the apps on your Office 365 Home screen and access them easily. Apart from the Windows app, you can also add and access complete Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc...) and use them from anywhere.

10. No Data Loss

Office 365 also ensures that you’ll never lose the data and all your information will keep intact during all times.

So why are you waiting for?

These all points make good sense to consider Office 365. If someone isn’t seen Office 365 benefits yet, share this blog within your organization and prepare your documents accordingly for migrating to Office 365.

So if you’re planning to migrate from Exchange Server to Office 365, try Stellar Mailbox Extractor Tool. It will help you to migrate all your mailboxes to Office 365 without any failure.


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