Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Backup Exchange Server Mailboxes for Free!

We all know what is the traditional approach to backup Exchange server for free – of course, the Windows Server Free Backup! I’m not denying it is the most popular way to backup Exchange server but it is also true there are some limitations as well which enforce Exchange administrators to look beyond the basic backup method. 

As a free Exchange server backup solution, Windows Server Backup avails you lot of features which cannot be expected in free Exchange backup tool, but there’re few shortcomings as well in the traditional backup method such as - you cannot backup Exchange server remotely, single mailbox backup is not possible, mandate to take full VSS backups for logs to be truncate, etc.

So these are some of the key reasons why do organizations go for third party Exchange backup software, because paid solutions allow them new features and the fix to the limitations of free Windows Server backup. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to Windows Server Backup which wouldn’t cost you more and lets you lot of advanced features, I suggest you try Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup software

This Exchange backup tool is completely free for few months so you can try it out yourself and see how beneficial it could be as a free solution.

So today in this article I’m covering the complete process how to perform free Exchange mailbox backup using this utility. Just download the software and install it. It is ready to use and fully activated, as no activation key is required. Download the full version by visiting the Steller’s official website:

Free Exchange Server Backup using Stellar Exchange Backup Tool

The home screen of software allows you to perform multiple jobs but click the first one MS Exchange Backup. To perform full Exchange server backup, select first option.

On the next screen software will display all the existing database available for the backup task. You can select any storage group which you want to keep as backup, and click Next.

Depends on your requirement you can choose any option from multiple Exchange backup types. If you’re creating backup very first time, I suggest you select the first option the Full backup and click Next.

Now select the destination where you want to store this backup. Click Select local or network drive if you want to save it somewhere in local drive.

Select the folder to backup selected storage group.

In case if you want to store the backup at any remote location, click Select FTP location.

Enter the correct FTP logon details and click OK.

Select the FTP folder which you want to use and click OK.

The next screen will display the selected FTP folder in the Destination Path column. Select the FTP folder and click Next.

Next screen is the Backup Settings page. You can configure here the Notification details, backup scheduling, and Consolidation option. Click Next once you’re done.

Now Click Finish and sit back. The complete backup summary will be shown on the Backup Summary view.

One the backup job is completed, a dialogue box of job successful will be appeared on your screen. 

That’s it!

So these are the quick steps to perform Exchange server full backup for free. In case if you want to perform the Incremental backup, check here the software user guide, as it is even easier to perform than full Exchange backup. Have a look into the Help Guide:

However, we can also restore the backup to the Exchange server using the same software Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup but ’ll discuss this topic in my next article. Until then, don’t forget to test this free Exchange server mailbox backup tool over here:

Stay tuned for the next post!!

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