Tuesday, October 20, 2009

JET_errBadPageLink, Database corrupted Error in Exchange Server

An Exchange Server Information Store might get corrupted due to several errors, including unexpected shutdown and network errors. Corruption might involve any database files, called .edb files, that reside in Exchsrvr\Mdbdata folder. While Information Store corruption, you might observe server behaving slowly, Information Store Service not starting or not stopping, email delivery issues and several errors showing that the database is inconsistent. You should use your backup to restore such corrupted database or run ESEUTIL utility to repair it. However, if none of the solutions works, you should use Exchange Repair Software that could repair and restore a damaged Exchange database. For an instance, consider that you run ESEUTIL /D utility to defragment your database and the process fails. When you view the Windows NT Application log of Event Viewer, you come across the below error message:

  “Operation terminated with error -327 (JET_errBadPageLink, Database corrupted) after seconds.”

Additionally, you might also observe Exchange Server being slow or unresponsive while normal database operations.
Exchange Server 'Bad Page Link' errors generally indicate logical database corruption. If the internal database structure is not correct because of corrupted or misaligned pointers, you might receive such errors.

You should apply these measures to isolate the given problem:
  •  If available, use online backup to restore the damaged Exchange Server database
  • Use Administrator tool 'Move Mailbox' in order to move users' mailboxes from the affected Exchange Server to a healthy one
  • Run ESEUTIL /P against the database while making sure that the database store is not mounted. Next, execute ESEUTIL /K to check the database for consistency
  • If the problem persists, use a powerful EDB Repair tool to efficiently repair the damaged database EDB Repair Software are safe and comprehensive repair applications that can safely repair a logically crashed Exchange database.
These tools employ high-end algorithms to examine the database and restore it at a safe location. The software provide you self-descriptive interface and hence you can use the tools without any prior technical understanding. Embedded with advanced options, the software serve as most suitable tools to repair the damaged database. Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a fully-competent MS Exchange Repair tool to systematically repair damaged Exchange databases created with Exchange Server 5.5, 2000 and 2003. It provides safe EDB Repair and extracts all user mailboxes by converting them into Outlook usable .pst files. The tool is capable of recovering all email messages, notes, journals, tasks and other objects.

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