Friday, October 16, 2009

Page Checksum Mismatch in EDB File and Recovery

Microsoft Exchange Server uses checksum procedure to confirm for database pages integrity. You can use ESEUTIL utility with /K switch to verify page-level integrity of Information Store databases. If it results errors, one or more of your database pages are corrupted that you need to restore from the available backup. In case no suitable backup is present, you require to use an EDB Recovery Software.

You might come across any of the below symptoms with your Exchange Server: Error “Database page read failed verification because of a -1018 error (page checksum mismatch). This page level error is often caused by driver, firmware, or hardware issues.” Users fail to send or receive email messages You receive -1018 checksum error when you attempt to perform online backups You encounter -1018 checksum mismatch error when you try to defragment the database At client side, Microsoft Outlook is not started Cause Such behavior is usually exhibited when a database page read fails verification. As indicated, this occurs due to mismatch of page checksum. The referenced page stored on Exchange EDB file is corrupted. Note: The error indicates inability to retrieve data from EDB database file, which might also occur due to RAM or firmware issues. Solution You are recommended to follow these suggestions to isolate the given issue: You should run system diagnosis to check for RAM or firmware related concerns. You can deduce the issue if the corruption problem is frequent Try upgrading the firmware and system BIOS to their latest versions available Repair the damaged EDB files using eseutil /P.

You should then execute eseutil /D followed by isinteg -fix If ESEUTIL repair utility fails to fix database corruption, you need to migrate the database from recent backup. However, while any concerns related to restoring from backup, you should Recover EDB file by using third-party special purposed tools. EDB Recovery Software are high-end tools with powerful, yet safe, algorithms to examine, repair and restore the damaged Exchange Server database. These applications are reliable tools that work efficiently and successfully extracts all user mailboxes without harming the actual database contents. Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a comprehensive tool to safely extract all the mailboxes from damaged databases created with Exchange Server 5.5, 2000 and 2003. It is a safe EDB Recovery Tool to Recover EDB and all objects including emails, email properties, tasks, drafts and more.

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