Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Recover Exchange database files in few simple steps

The Information Store is vital part of MS Exchange Server. It is specifically used to store crucial data in both Mailbox and Public folder. The Information Store can be looked a database of Exchange Server as it uses database files to manage the stored data efficiently. It must be quite understandable that Information Store holds users important data. Although the files kept in Information Store is always prone to number of threats. Which can severly damage the data that can result in corruption or permanent loss. However the positive side of using Exchange Server is that, these errors can be easily tackled using various recovery techniques.
For the convenience of normal and novice users, who does not possess in-depth knowledge of about Exchange Server third party recovery tools are available. Such recovery tools performs all the recovery steps on their own, the user is just required to follow the instructions on the interface. Let us discuss some of the major issues related with Information Store. 
  • Fail to start Information Store.
  • Unable to stop the Information Store service and other dependent services.
  • Information Store does not respond even by using resources completely.  
  • The user fails to send and receive the emails.
  • The error message can be experienced when user tries to mount the mailbox.
Possible solutions:
  • If user has clean and updated backup files then he can easily restore the data at earlier best condition. 
  • In-order to repair corrupt database files user can opt for free utility provided by Microsoft known as ESEUTIL and ISINTEG. The former application is used to rebuild and repair malfunctioned backup files. The later application is used to fix the errors occurred in Information Store. 
  • Go for reliable third party recovery tool.
Free utility (ESEUTIL/P) is used to perform database repair, but it removes those files which it fails to understand, there are possibilities of data loss. The only best and recommended solution for the above mentioned issue is to go for third party recovery tool. There are large numbers of recovery tools available in the market. But it is very important to choose reliable and professional tool. 
Stellar Phoenix Exchange Recovery is one such highly professional application that successfully repairs and recoups all data from damaged Exchange Server in only three simple steps. The tool has very simple and self explanatory interface which facilitates the user greatly. The free demo version of the tool can be downloaded from the respective website.

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