Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pros & Cons of Microsoft Exchange Server

After sharing features of Microsoft Exchange 2010 in my prior blog now I am here with a blog that will represent pros and cons of Microsoft Exchange Server.  

Before getting more into Exchange pros and cons; let us have summary about software giant Microsoft and its achievements.

Exchange server pros and Cons

With the every updated software version user’s belief becomes stronger.  And such user’s expectations create a challenging atmosphere for that software. Same happened with the software development giant Microsoft but no more now.  

At present, Microsoft is the most established brand from years. No wonder, Microsoft launched the most creative technology assets. At the moment no one in the tech market have nerve to stand in front of Microsoft. Millions of people are earning their bread and butter just because of Microsoft directly or indirectly.

After serving us the great technology assets, now Microsoft is the brand trusted by its users blindly. All the trust and reputation of Microsoft is just because of two most creative minds named Bill Gates and Paul Allen.  These two geeks founded this giant organization in 1975.

Though Microsoft is well known for numerous products such as operating systems, office tools but we are here going to discuss about Microsoft Exchange Server. Very first version of Exchange was released in 1993.  From 1993 to till now; Microsoft has launched 8 versions of Exchange. The recent launched Exchange version is Exchange 2013 released on Oct, 2012.

Microsoft Exchange Server is a tool for IT administrators with that they can monitor every small or big activity performed by the connected email users. Exchange is widely in use with Outlook. System admin can easily track all the incoming and outgoing email messages for quality and security purpose with the help of this adroit Microsoft application. Exchange with Outlook is the supreme partnership for business users for effective and secure emailing.

Exchange uses EDB file to keep user’s data where as Outlook supports PST file for same. Exchange EDB stands for “Exchange Database Files”.  Exchange keeps all the user’s mailbox items like emails, drafts, media files, contacts and notes in EDB file only.  EDB is the only file used by Exchange and no other software can create such file. This file is further divided into two parts Private EDB file and Public EDB file.

Priv.edb holds all the personal mailbox data of connected user where as Pub.edb is responsible for holding shared data of user.

Here are the pros and cons of Exchange Server -

Flexibility - With an independent Exchange set up, an organization would have great flexibility to manage various tasks.

Security – Exchange is a great tool for security purpose. The main concern of Exchange is to keep security of an organization’s data and no doubt Exchange Server holds the degree of excellence in this task.

Support – Microsoft Exchange support team is 24/7 available for serving its users. There is no doubt that the support team of Exchange is very active and helpful.

Huge space – With Exchange, network team can expect a huge space for data archiving. A mid level organization can use this data space for years.

Disadvantages –

Cost -
As compare to few other email servers it is bit costly. Also the maintenance is bit expansive for small level organizations.

Robust Server -
Microsoft Exchange Server needs a robust server in order to run accurately.  And if still you want to set up Exchange with Server, you should be ready for some extra expenses.  

Complicated upgrades – If you are a proactive user and used to fast and uncomplicated upgrades then don’t forget “It would not be an easy task for you to upgrade an Exchange Server”.

Dedicated System Head - In order to run a self hosted Exchange, one should require a dedicated IT staff. System admin and hardware and software experts have to work on Exchange system to make sure 100% up-time.

Conclusion –   Exchange Server is an adroit tool for business users for sustaining effective and secure email communication within organization.  If user owns a business with decent team size and email communication is the primary method of communication in his organization then user must select this tool.  In case if you have any serious corruption issues with your Exchange server data then you may call or visit - Exchange.stellarservertools.com

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