Monday, August 9, 2010

What to do when you are unable to connect to MS Exchange Server 2003

Are you experiencing problems in connecting to Exchange Server after restoring a mailbox store? If yes, then chances are that mailbox has corrupted due to various reasons such as hardware problems, database header corruption, etc. In such cases, you should adopt appropriate methods to counter the situation. However, if you are not able to fix the problem then you should use a third-party Exchange Server recovery to perform Exchange recovery.
For instance, you are using MS Exchange 2003. In this, you have restored a mailbox store to the recovery server. However, you are unable to connect to it using the ExMerge tool. You see the following error message in the ExMerge event log:

“Error opening message store (EMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. - 0x8004011d ( (CmapiSession::GetMailboxesOnServer))”

In addition, the Application log reports the following error signature:

“Event Type: Error
Event Source: MSExchangeSA
Event Category: MAPI Session
Event ID: 9175
Date: Date
Time: Time
User: N/A
Computer: Server_Name
Description: The MAPI call 'OpenMsgStore' failed with the following error: The attempt to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer has failed. The MAPI provider failed. Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store ID no: 8004011d-0512-00000000”


There could be the following reasons for such error:
1. The mailbox store containing the System Attendant mailbox is not mounted.
2. ExMerge is using the System Attendant mailbox to connect to other mailboxes.
3. The Recovery Storage Group (RSG) server is not having a System Attendant mailbox.


To resolve this issue, you should perform either of the following resolutions:

1. Mount the mailbox store containing the System Attendant mailbox: You should mount the mailbox store that contains the System Attendant mailbox on the recovery server. Run ExMerge when complete to extract the data from the user mailboxes.
2. Create a Recovery Storage Group (RSG) and restore a production database: You should create an RSG to recover data from the mailbox store. Restore the extracted mailboxes in a production database using the ExMerge tool.

The problem would be fixed using any of the aforementioned methods. However, if this is not so then you should use a third-party Microsoft Exchange recovery software to recover Exchange database. Such read-only tools are user friendly in nature that do not overwrite the existing database while scanning it.

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