Monday, October 25, 2010

Solving “ESE 447 Database corruption” Error in MS Exchange Server

A storage group in MS Exchange Server works as a logical container for databases and transaction log files. Sometimes when you wish to start any of Storage Group,  the error message:  “ESE 447 Database corruption”  appears on the screen. In this situation, when  you try to create a new storage group and move your mailboxes on this, the user mailboxes become inaccessible and you get the same error again.  To resolve the issue it is necessary to look for a Exchange Recovery utility.


The reason of this issue may be one of the following:

    * Scanning of Exchange database directory using some antivirus software
    * Some hardware failure problem.

In both of  above causes, You may encounter logical corruption in the exchange database. Due to this corruption the database becomes completely unusable and may shows the below mentioned error message:

ESE 447 Database corruption”


To fix this issue, you will have to restore your database from the current backup. But if you do not have proper backup, it is recommended to perform Exchange Server recovery with the help of third party tool like Stellar Exchange Recovery, known as EDB recovery software. This exchange database recovery tool perform quick & complete database scanning to repair the .edb file in most corruption cases.

Stellar Phoenix Exchange Mailbox Recovery software is the prominent and comprehensive tool to recuperate the exchange edb file. This powerful  exchange server recovery tool uses advanced technology to scan the corrupt, damaged .EDB file and extract all items from it. 

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