Friday, March 22, 2013

Exchange Server Errors with their Meaning and Recovery

In this blog we are going to present you a brief description about possible Exchange Server error codes. Some of them are following:-

Exchange Dirty Shutdown Errors:- (Database is not shutdown properly which means it is dirty shutdown)

This error mainly takes place when database is not properly shutdown because of any reason like power failure, virus attack, S/H problem etc. As a result EDB and STM file may get corrupt.

Event ID 454:- When this error message pops up, it means there is corruption in the Information data storage. It may be the cause of improperly established connection with the database.

Event ID 9175:- When Exchange Server mailbox store aborts to mount or you can say suddenly Information store services stop then this error message will pop up on your computer screen.

Exchange Error 515:-(JET_errInvalidLogSequence) :- This error comes out when log file is missing or corresponding header is not matching with the file. The main reason behind this error is invalid log signature and log creation time mismatch.

Event ID 4294966278:- (JET_errReadVerifyFailure Read verification error 4294966278):- This error is encountered due to some reasons such as disaster damage in database and may be due to presence of bad sectors on the hard disk.

Event ID 5000:-(Unable to initialize the store service. Failed to search for MSEXCHUCE in DS. 0X80004005):- This error message is mostly encountered when user upgrades its Exchange server to next service pack, mainly when timeout happens in the LDAP query.

Event ID 1605:-(JET_errKeyDuplicate, Illegal duplicate key):- This error arises when user runs Eseutil command. Consider the scenario when a user tries to repair its corrupt EDB file with the help of Eseutil/p command but its premature exist is responsible for this error’s occurrence.

Exchange Error 1216:- This error message is seen mostly in recovery process when ESE tries to obtain all the databases in a storage group into a regular process and then comes to know that database is missing. There may be one other reason like missing transaction log files in different versions of Exchange Server.

Exchange Error 550:-(Unable to relay) :- This is a very conman error that comes often in Exchange Server. This mainly occurs when a particular mail account on your Exchange server is unable to send mails to a specific domain.

All these above errors cause corruption in Exchange database file. To repair EDB file or for perfect Exchange Server Recovery you can avail a very proficient commercial tool like Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Recovery. This software provides its powerful support for 32 bit as well as 64 bit MS office. This EDB repair tool facilitates proper recovery of emails and its attachments with its quick and extensive scan mode.

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