Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to do Exchange server recovery from error:-Error - 1022='JET_errDiskIO' = Disk I/O Error

Exchange database (EDB) files are designed to store all the information and folders. Exchange database is the bonanza of all types of data. Corruption in Exchange database may affect smoothness of working or may be due to this Exchange server may refuse to open. Your each and every effort to access database or user mailbox has to face failure since database is damaged due to some unexpected cause. In layman language these cause are called errors. To ignore these errors or to make Exchange database recoverable you can use previous backup file to mount all essential data again on Exchange server.

Here are some examples of errors that can affect user's communication:-

Event Type: Error

Event Source: ESE

Event Category: General
Event ID: 489
Computer:Computer Name
Process name [process id] file name: An attempt to open the file [path\file name] for read-only access failed with [Error Code and Explanation]. The open file operation will fail with error [-1022]. OR

Error -1022='JET_errDiskIO' = Disk I/O error

Root cause of this error is :-

  1. When a disk I/O error stops Exchange from accessing requested database page or a check file.
  2. This could be because of disk or controller that prevents you from accessing the disk (though this may be temporary).
  3. Check the log for drive or input/output errors around the time of Event 490. The problem occurs when the path for check file is wrong, may be due to drive failure.
  1. "Chkdsk /f /r" command can be executed to resolve this error. If problem is not solving executing this command then verify the permissions on Exchsrvr folder and ensure that system has full control of Exchsrvr and all the sub-folders (on every partition) that contain Exchange data.
  2. If you cannot mount databases, then you will need to troubleshoot Windows NT file-level anti-virus software that might be running on the Exchange server.
  3. Also check the log for drive or input/output errors around the time of Event 490. Verify and correct the path for the check file. You can also correct the root cause, and use an updated backup to retrieve data of the database.
  4. If all else fails, then performing Isinteg -fix, and ExMerge command to a new Information Store also helps you to sort out the problem.
Even-though you are not getting result as you want then there is only one solution left that is install Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Recovery tool.

This software is launched by Stellar which is the #1 organization with almost 28 branches in all over India and is well known for its data recovery services and products. This software is highly perfect in EDB recovery and recovers files and information with the ability to save data where the user wants or requires.

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