Friday, November 28, 2014

How to restore corrupt mailbox in Exchange Server 2013

The Exchange administrators may come across some logical errors such as incorrect element display in folder or their incorrect quantity, which cause damage of Exchange user's mailboxes.

There may be many possible reasons for corruption in Exchange 2013 mailbox.However,these types of errors mostly occur due to malfunction on the client’s side where client incorrectly updates MAPI flags during processing of mail folders element. It has been detected that logical errors usually happen within shared mailboxes where several users might be working simultaneously.  Generally users can’t suspect errors in their mailbox or folders as everything operates correctly. But when something happen wrong, then user is unable to access certain folders and mailboxes. 

In some worst cases, emails or folders get deleted or cannot be viewed which are saved in the mailbox.In same situation, Exchange administrator should use any of the troubleshooting ways mentioned below for recovery of corrupted mailbox in Exchange 2013:

          a) Import data from Outlook: In this method you need to convert the OST file of Outlook account into PST file, then delete and create the new mailbox and lastly import data from PST file to the new mailbox. However this method results in certain level of manual manipulations on user’s PC. 

       b)  By disabling of mailbox store: In this method, you need to disable the mailbox store fully and check it with Isinteg.exe utility, which allows repair the damages in Exchange base on application level. But this method requires a halt on service time for all users whose mailbox is allocated in disabled mailbox database.

      c) Using backup to restore Exchange database:In this manual method, you need to import data from mailbox to PST file and further transfer data to mailbox. But one disadvantage is that all emails which delivered to user’s mailbox after last backup execution time can be lost.

To provide a more convenient way to restore damaged mailbox logical structure, a new Powershell cmdlet New-MailboxRepairRequest which allows finding and fixing all logical error in Exchange database.
 Moreover the error correction and search can be customized as per need. You can select any specific or all mailboxes for restore regularly. There is no need to put all mailboxes in off-line mode. But before performing any above method to restore mailbox integrity, you should definitely try to use this command.

Command 1:
New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox -CorruptionTypeFolderView
This command detects and repairs all folder views for the mailbox

Command 2:
New-MailboxRepairRequest-Mailbox peter-CorruptionTypeProvisionedFolder,SearchFolder -DetectOnly
This command detects and reports on ProvisionedFolder and SearchFolder corruption issues to Peter Smith’s mailbox.

And there are many more cmdlet to restore damage at different level. But if you still face difficulty to fix mailbox damage, then use a trusted third party tool to restore damaged mailbox easily and successfully. Use Stellar EDB Recovery tool that effectively repairs damaged EDB files having mailbox to individual PST file. 

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