Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Fix ‘Error A0010006:GRE_ERR_FAILEDTOGETEDBDETAILS’ in Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook are two very significant components needed for most secure and comprehensive online communication. Every time, when an email is sent through MS Outlook, an exact replica of that email generally get saved on Exchange Server database file (.EDB files). Moreover, all sorts of the information are saved in EDB files in such as ‘To’, ‘Cc’, ‘Bcc’ including calendar, contacts, notes, journal etc.

But sometime, a single virus infected email may spread to user’s entire mailbox and can damage the whole Exchange EDB file. In the situation, all the valuable and precious data stored in EDB filesbecomes in-accessible or may be corrupt which cause data loss.

So during such a terrible situation, you may encounter the following error:

Unable to read the EDB file data… Error A0010006:GRE_ERR_FAILEDTOGETEDBDETAILS

Cause: Severe corruption in EDB files due to virus infected email.

Solution: To fix this error effectively, Microsoft has provided a utility called ExMerge.exe to handle these types of random Exchange errors. ExMerge.exe can be used for variety of purposes like backing up the mailbox data, migration of mailboxes from one location to another, and data extraction from virus infected Exchange mailbox. One good feature of the ExMerge.exe utility is its capability to copy the mailbox data in PST (Personal Storage File) file format. It even allows you to extract the particular message from the mailbox to store in PST file format.

With the help of ExMerge tool, you can not only extract data from virus-infected Exchange mailbox, but at the same time you can conduct EDB file repair operation by the execution of below mentioned steps:

  1. Initially you need to setup ExMerge tool and run ExMerge Wizard.
  2. Now navigate to Procedure Selection page and select Extract or Import, and then   click Next.
  3.  Now visit to Two Step Procedure page, and again execute step 1 after click Next.
  4.  On the Source Server page, you need to make necessary selection of Options then visit User messages  and Folder on Data tab in Data Selection Criteria Page.  
  5. Backup the emails in PST file format so you can easily import them to desired mailbox.

However, this method performs the desired operation in almost all situations but sometime it might be fail to fetch data from damaged EDB files.

So you need a reliable third party utility to overcome from this stuck condition if the above solution didn’t work. Try Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery tool to repair the heavily corrupt EDB files and extracts & save the data to a desired safe location.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery Tool is one such third party software that performs the task of repairing damaged EDB files. Now these repaired EDB files are safely converted to usable PST file. One of the most advance features is the ability to export the recovered mailbox to Live Exchange Mailbox. Moreover, this software is supportive to almost all versions of MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook.

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