Monday, August 17, 2015

Fixed: Mailbox move/restore Fails with Error 1056749110

You may surely come across Error 1056749110 if you’re restoring, moving or migrating Exchange mailboxes on the server. Following is the error message-

Restore-Mailbox : Error was found for RSG, Test because: Error occurred in the step: Moving messages. This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items specified for this move mailbox operation., error code: -1056749110  

Usually, this error occurs if there is number of corrupt items in mailbox. And, when you try to restore or move, execution fails after certain limit. However, you can use 3rd party tool for restoring or moving mailboxes, but I have few manual methods too which works appropriately in the case. Try this-

In the scenario, I want to restore a mailbox from RSG to a production mailbox by running the command:
Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox “RSG, Check” -RSGDatabase My-Exch\RSG_DB\db22 -id “Recovery, Mailbox” -TargetFolder “All the recovered emails of RSG mailbox”

In the above command,

RSG, Test is the mailbox in the RSG database for which mailbox items need to recover.

My-Exch\RSG_DB\db22 is the Name of Server\Name of Recovery Storage Group\ Mailbox Database Name

Recovery, Mailbox is the name of the mailbox where backup should be restored.

All the recovered emails of RSG mailbox is the folder that will be created through the process into which the mailbox RSG, Check will be restored.

So if you’ve run the above PowerShell, you’ve surely encountered this command is failed! Why? Because you need to add BadItemLimit switch in the command as there’re several corrupt items in the mailbox. So, I am adding a new parameter in the same command to test in again.

Now run the below modified shell command-

Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox “RSG, Check” -RSGDatabase My-Exch\RSG_DB\db22 -id “Recovery, Mailbox” -TargetFolder “All the recovered emails of RSG mailbox” –BadItemLimit 1000

In the above command, the BadItemLimit switch/parameter specifies the total number of bad or corrupt item in the mailbox which will be skipped. You can put any valid input for this parameter as per your case. In the above command, 1000 bad items will be skipped by executing the process.

That’s it. It will restore the mailbox even if the mailbox has 1000 corrupted items. But again, you can increase the value of the switch if number of the bad items is more than 1000.

However, this solution works for all scenarios. But in case if the given solution didn’t help you out, you need a prominent Exchange database recovery software.  This utility guaranteed works in case of recovery of bad item or items from corrupt mailboxes. So, just download the software to resolve the Exchange restore/move fails with Error code1056749110.


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