Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Method to Create an Exchange Mailbox Database 2010 Backup Copy

 Here are the simple steps to explain "How to create backup file for Exchange Mailbox 2010?"
Exchange Server database is the hard core component, allowing you to facilitate your users with a smooth email platform. Unfortunately, various conditions leading to corruption issues in the database is a horrible case because all the users working on Outlook fail to gain access to the application. As a result, all the stored data goes lost that also impacts business productivity bad. In such events, it is always suggested to restore data from backup. Data backup acts like backbone in case of data loss. However, chances are that you do not have backed up the Exchange database or you have not found a way to do it. The post will let you know all essential steps to back up Exchange 2010 mailbox database, which is widely used in organizations today.

Perform the following steps:

  • You first need to install Windows Server backup on Windows Server 2008 R2 as it is not installed be default. To do this, open Powershell session and execute the following commands:

PS C:\> Import-Module servermanager
PS C:\> Add-WindowsFeature backup

  • Launch Windows Server backup from Administrative Tools menu.
  • In the appeared window, click 'Backup Once'.
  • A Backup Options window will appear where 'Different Options' is selected by default, click 'Next'.
  • Click the desired option. 'Full Server' will back up all the data, while 'Custom' will allow you to look into the volumes more deeply. Let's say you have chosen 'Custom'. Click on 'Next'.
  • The next window will display all the volumes you want to back up. Choose a volume that contains Exchange database and its log files. Once selection is done, click on 'OK'.
  • In the window that appears, click 'Add Items'. It will open a selection dialog; select the volumes that have database and transaction logs. Note that both database and logs may be stored in two separate volumes, select both. Click on 'OK' to close the dialog.
  • Click on 'Advanced Settings' button.
  • Go to the 'VSS Settings' tab and check that 'VSS full backup is selected'. Click 'OK' and then click 'Next'.
  • You can store the backup either on a shared drive or on a local drive. Let us choose 'Local drives' for now.
  • Select a volume where you want to store mailbox database backup. Note that you are not allowed to select a volume that is there in backup selections list. Click 'Next'.
  • Click on 'Backup'. The time taken by the backup process depends on the size of the database.
  • Once the process is complete, click on 'Close'.

You have taken a successful backup of Exchange mailbox database 2010. If you come across corruption before creating a backup copy, you need to repair database by using an external Exchange Server recovery application. One such application is - http://exchange.stellarservertools.com/

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