Thursday, February 27, 2014

Overview Granular Procedure to take Exchange Backup

Here in this blog we will discuss about Exchange Server backup using Granual method. The failure of Exchange Server, which is the most vital part of the network, can cause a severe loss of an organization. In such troublesome or risky situation the backup files act as a life saviour. One must able to restore the vital information using these backup files easily. There are number of ways by which one can create backup files. But in this article we will focus upon Granual method of backup. This method was plugged in for outlook version 2003 and 2007 and this mechanism is very efficient in individual recovery.

Granular Recovery uses single path to gather information about mail messages of single user mail folder and whole single mailbox from the Exchange database. It does complicate the mechanism by taking two backup methods like mailbox backup and database backup. By using Granular technology in both the backup methods administrators can backup data in the form of wide system backup by selecting objects available in Exchange database.

However we use two types of backup process, single recovery for individual mailbox and other is brick level backup which uses MAPI. The MAPI (Mail Application Program Interface) connects each mailbox with public folder. As soon as the brick level method is enabled, administrator is authorised to take backup at Granular level. User or organization may face following issues while trying individual backp process:

Large backup Window Path:- Since backup method has to make two way to take backup from Exchange Server according to desire of any company as a result it increase the overhead on Exchange Server database that take a lot of time in backup process.

Duplicacy in Exchange Database:- Because both backup demand different path through Exchange database therefore two entries occur at different time.

Increase Storage Size:- Due to duplicacy of data at two entries, it increases the size of  storage tape or disk in database.

However if you somehow create a backup then also it is observed in many situation that user is unable to mount BKF file in the Server application. This particular situation arises when the backup process is not done correctly due to which the data created has gone corrupt or inaccessible. In that case user is left with only one solution to go for a genuine Exchange Server Backup Tool.  On the behalf of personal experience I would like to suggest an adroit backup tool that can perform the recovery process with great ease.

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