Thursday, February 12, 2015

Microsoft rerelease it’s Exchange Server 2010 SP3 update RU8

Few weeks back, Microsoft rereleased its update Rollup 8 in order to fix the issues which had found in the earlier version. This former update version has a problem associated with ‘the ability of Outlook to connect to Exchange’ for those who are using Exchange Server 2010 SP3.

Update 12-12-2014: MS Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8 has been re-released to resolve an issue found in the initial release. The issue was in isolation from MAPI RPC layer and was immediately corrected to deliver the updated RU8 package. This updated RU8 v2 package is version number 14.03.0224.002.

Organizations which have already applied Updated Rollup 8; Microsoft advices them to roll back that update. This update addresses the following issues:

a)      Issues which are reported by some of the customers.
b)      Some of the security updates which are released previously.
c)       In addition, it also corrects the security issue MS14-075-this security update resolves four privately reported vulnerabilities in MS Exchange Server.

Moreover, Microsoft had also advised to organizations this updates should only be applied when the organizations had experienced the particular issue being solved.

Wide range of issues are being fixed in Update Rollup 8 which are ranging from making a correction in Russian time zone information to resolving a problem with journaling in protected voice mail. Also, MS14-075 which is a December security bulletin fix for a potential elevation of privilege issue is also included.

Microsoft also adds an important note with Update Rollup 8 that summarizes as the ‘other Exchange Server updates remain valid and customers can continue with deployment of these packages’.

It can be understood that IT professionals are little off the track. Lately Microsoft's Exchange patches seems to come with snags, at least for early deployers. However, MS announcements also advice to hybrid users. or those organization that uses Exchange Online cloud-based service along with premises based Exchange Server products. That Exchange users are 'required to deploy the most current Cumulative Update release' .

 For organizations using MS Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft had made a special announcement for them. It specified that Cumulative Update 7 should be applied ‘as soon as possible’ and the IT professional should subsequently complete a full back up after adding an update. The reason is that Cumulative Update 7 is designed to improve the backup process of Exchange Server itself. Microsoft’s statement noted that the update will ‘remove potential challenges that were faced in restoring a previously backed up database’. 

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