Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Troubleshooting Exchange Server Sync Error 0x80040119

There are different causes and circumstances behind the unknown error code 0x80040119 in Exchange Server environment. Among the various conditions, error 0x80040119 mostly occurs due to synchronization problems between Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. But it is also occurred if you’re upgrading Exchange.

As an administrator, it might be your priority and responsibility to keep the systems up and running. It means you have to keep your end users up and running. So today in this blog, I will focus how to fix Exchange 0x80040119 error code so that you can keep end-users connected and as productive as well. 

So, take a scenario where an administrator has hundreds of users, who are receiving reference error code 0x80040119. This error code usually indicates about client operation failures or synchronization issues. This email error massage display like-

Synchronizer Version 11.0.6352
 Synchronizing Mailbox ‘Tom, Moody’
 Synchronizing Hierarchy
 Error synchronizing folder
 [80040119-501-0-5C0] The client operation failed.

To overcome from this issue, there are multiple diagnostic and troubleshooting tips to fix Exchange sending and receiving reported error 0x80040119. Let’s start with the easiest one-

Simply recreate the Outlook profile for those users who’re facing the issue. This solution works sometime as I had tested that in past.

Alternatively, you can also try the following-

Navigate to Tools -> Account Settings, and choose your current Exchange account, and click on CHANGE. Click More Settings, then Advanced.

Now uncheck ‘Download public Folders Favorites’ under Advanced tab, and OK. Click Next and Close the window.

This is the recommended solution if you have to fix this issue for 2 or 3 users. But what if you have to do the same for more than 100 users? That’s why backup and replicas are important for Outlook and Exchange environment. You can easily restore information of numbers of users in single attempt, rather than wasting time on manually rebuilding user profile information.

But as I had already mentioned above, there are several ways to diagnose and resolve error code 80040119.

Sometime this error code generates-

Failed to locate correct profile. Please close Outlook, open Outlook, and synchronize again. ERROR: 80040119 Communication Failure (80040119,4011).  

For Windows 7, Vista
Windows XP

Open C:\ Drive and search ‘mapi32.dll’ in advance search.

By default, this file is located in C:windows/sysem32, now change it from .dll to .old

Now open Outlook and wait for 2 minute. If you get any message, click Yes to repair the problem.

Wait 1 minute and restart your Outlook client.

Now Sync again. 

Search ‘mapi32.dll’ in File and Folders, or check C:\winnt\system32 (depends of current Windows  version), and rename it to Mapi32.old

Now open Outlook and wait for 2 minute. If you get any message (Recently installed program), click to repair the problem.

Wait 2 minute and Sync again.


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